Truckee Town Council Meets to discuss Short Term Rental Moratorium

The following information was provided by the Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors as a courtesy to its members. Topics such as these are changing daily and it is out intention to provide you with up to date information as we can.

This evening, Sept. 28, the Truckee Town Council will be asked to vote on a 45 day urgency ordinance to stall the issuance of new STR permits, while they study the matter further, bringing back recommended actions for the Council’s consideration as long-term measures in regard to regulating Short Term Rentals.

Where: Town Hall, 10183 Truckee Airport Road, Truckee, CA 96161

When: September 28th, 2021 at 5:00 P.M.

The Town is proposing to follow Placer County’s lead in delaying the issuance of NEW short term rental permits for a period of  forty five days.   The Council will also look to consider generating a set of long-term measures to regulate short term rentals in order to open up affordable for rent and  for sale housing to the region’s workforce and local residents that are being pushed out of the area due to the surge post COVID 19 outbreak in 2020-2021.

At Tahoe Agent Group our goal is not only to provide our clients with up to date information in regards to the happenings in our community, but it is also to help shed light on a situation that many full time residents see as a necessary course of action to preserve the reason why so many call this area home.   To follow the outcome of tonight's meeting - you can click here to be directed to the Town of Truckee website. September 28, 2021 Truckee Town Council Regular Meeting | Town of Truckee

Side note, and author's opinion - yes, we are a tourist based economy, but this moratorium is not affecting those that already have Short Term Rental permits.  This is a temporary pause to cease new permit issuances in order to sit back and analyze where we want the direction of our town to head in.  Many are torn on this issue, but the bottom line is that if local workers and local residents do not have a place to live, then the town would simply be a town of houses with a massive reduction of people to run it.  We need to look at the bigger picture of this issue and look towards what benefits the community vs what benefits the individual home-owner.  We need to find a balance so that the town is still a place that people that have lived here for years to still call home.

Stefanie Scapini